Blogging Strategy

Started a blog? Now you want to learn how you can take it further and how you can get more followers? Read on this article for some few tips and tricks given by famous bloggers.

Know The Blogging Strategy

Once you have decided on a name for your blog, you’d also need to define a blogging strategy to proceed further. The best way to learn how to blog is to proceed further with a strategy:

  • Deciding what are the topics and niche that you are going to blog about
  • Define your target audience very specifically
  • Identify what is the tone of the blog going to be (Casual/Professional)
  • Listing all the objectives that you want to achieve through blogging
  • Making ‘Call of Actions’ in sync with the blogging objectives

Write and Publish a blog

In order to write your first blog, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in WordPress and select ‘All Posts’
  2. Choose ‘Create a New Post’ option
  3. Add title, content, and format the content of your blog
  4. Adjust the permalink (which is the customized URL for this specific blog) according to the title of the blog. Settings → Permalinks → Common Settings “Post Name” → (Save Changes)
  5. Using the Yoast SEO, add a keyword, Title, Meta Description, and look at the SEO Score as well as the readability score for your content.
  6. Check for grammatical mistakes.
  7. After you are done with fully editing the post, you can click ‘Publish’.
  8. Others will now be able to see your blog either using the link that you shared or through google search when they input a search query similar to your keyword

How To Get Followers

  1. The number one tip that I can give you is that you must start getting backlinks. And get backlinks from high traffic sites. So start getting links from other high traffic sites. There are hundreds and thousands of websites out there that are competing against yours, so start getting backlinks from these websites, in order to get more visitors to your site.
  2. The next tip, which is that you must do constant backlinking. This means that you must send links to your blog to different sites. This is an essential skill for you to master.
  3. You must try to link to a very popular website, which is linked to your own. This way, when people get to your blog they will be able to find your website.
  4. You should always make it a point to try to attract as many people as you can. You should create content for your blog, which is well-written and interesting. This will encourage more people to read it and maybe even to visit your site.
  5. Another great tip on how to get more followers for a blog is to create interesting posts. There are some things that you should not write, because they may turn people off. if they read your post. You can also read an article on how to start a blog in 2021.
  6. One of the most important tips that you need to remember on how to get more followers for a blog is to be consistent in what you are trying to do. and do everything that you can to get traffic to your blog.
  7. Do not underestimate the power of links in this area of your blogging. You have to constantly be sending backlinks to your blog in order to increase your blog’s popularity.
  8. Another great tip on how to get more followers for a blog is to start writing interesting articles and submit them to article directories. This will ensure that your blog is in front of many people.
  9. Another very important tip on how to get more followers for a blog is to get links from the right sources. Make sure that the links are directed at your blog, and not a spam website.
  10. Make sure that you regularly update your site. There are some free blog tools that are out there that can help you keep your blog up to date with the latest trends.
  11. If your blog is not updated, people will start to think that you are new. This is the best way to lose your readershipAnother very important tip on how to get more followers for a blog is to try to have regular contests on your site. This will also keep people coming back to see what you have to say.
  12. Finally, another tip on how to get more followers for a blog is to link to other websites. Try to put up links that have some value to the people who have visited your blog, this will drive traffic to your other sites as well.

Those are some great tips on how to get more followers for a blog. You just have to put them to use and you will be able to easily convert your blog into an online money maker.

Chinese New Year customs are not all alike. This is true for Chinese New Year as well as any other culture that celebrate the coming of spring. The Chinese New Year, or also known as Spring Festival, is most commonly celebrated in early January (or February in some areas) on the first day of the Chinese new year. The festival is usually a highly festive social occasion, where family and friends gather together to celebrate, eat and drink, and partake in various rituals.

New Year Traditions

The New Year traditions are many and varied, from personal customs to cultural traditions and to what is considered normal. Some of these traditions are very old, while others are relatively recent innovations, such as the Chinese new year cake or the Chinese new year flower arrangements. In general, however, these customs are quite similar. The following will look at some of the most important New Year traditions, as well as what you can do to celebrate the coming of spring.

One of the oldest traditions is the “Shanghai New Year’s Eve”. This is probably the first tradition that you might see on television. The “Shanghai New Year”Chinese New Year” is actually a variation on the traditional Spring Festival customs, especially when it comes to the traditional evening dinner. This dinner is generally a large celebration that includes fireworks and other displays. It is also a time for the entire family to come together and share in festivities, playing games and exchanging gifts.

At the start of the “Shanghai New Year’s Eve”, the festivities begin with the ceremonial throwing of firecrackers. Firecrackers have been used to mark the beginning of celebrations for centuries, including in ancient Chinese poetry. Each family follows its own custom in throwing the firecrackers, but this is normally done on the morning of the first day of spring.

Firecrackers are an important part of Chinese New Year traditions. They are used as mementos and decorations, as well as for the actual ceremony itself. People bring a variety of small or large, colorful firecrackers to throw on top of their doors as a symbol of good luck, wishing their ancestors a happy new year. or a wish to the spirits of nature that the New Year will bring.


Firecrackers are also common souvenirs for Chinese New Year visitors to bring home. These can be small, plastic ones that you can put in your pockets. or they can be larger ones, which are made from clay. That way, they are more permanent and meaningful, since they serve as a reminder of the joyous occasion.

Firecrackers are also often brought to the door or window of a house for the passing of departed relatives. The idea behind this tradition is to ensure that the departed does not pass away without leaving a message of love and hope. Often, a simple note is included, saying “To our loved one, I hope that you always have a cheerful outlook in life. I know that you love your family and friends.”

In addition to the traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations, there are other Chinese New Year traditions that people celebrate on this special day. New year cakes are common, along with Chinese New Year flower arrangements and candles, and the Chinese New Year rabbit and dragonfly cakes.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Many Chinese New Year’s celebrations are marked by an outdoor bonfire. Often decorated with candles, it will mark the beginning of new life. It is believed that the flames of a bonfire bring good luck and good health to its owner.

Another tradition is for the family to decorate their houses for Chinese New Year’s Day. Often times, it is the women who decorate. They put up paper lanterns in their windows. Traditionally, these are used to help see to the wishes of the new year.

For other people’s homes, they use Chinese New Years’ trees to celebrate. The Chinese New Year’s tree is the symbol of good luck and good health. In Chinese culture, the tree is considered to be a symbol of immortality and longevity.

When you are celebrating Chinese New Year, you should also be eating traditional Chinese foods. These foods include noodles and rice, which are a big part of Chinese food history. There are many Chinese restaurants in America today that offer great Chinese food. Many Chinese New Year’s dinners can involve Chinese rice cakes as part of the menu.One of the best ways to enjoy Chinese food is to make it yourself. This is an opportunity to learn about Chinese cooking. You can make some wonderful Chinese food in your own kitchen.

Chinese New Year Celebrations are fun and interesting to attend. There are many different ways to celebrate Chinese New Years, but the best one is to just sit back and enjoy the special traditions of this festival.

The biggest problem for people attending Chinese New Year celebrations is finding somewhere to eat. Fortunately, you have several options. You can eat at local restaurants or Chinese food restaurants. Or you could have a Chinese New Year dinner party, where you serve the food at your home. You can have chinese new year food like soups, salads, stir-fries, steaks, and other Chinese favorites. Chinese food is usually very healthy and tastes wonderful.

What is Fritzbox

With the new fritzbox router from Cisco you can now enjoy a more advanced technology. You can get a new router without having to spend hours searching the internet for tutorials. With the new Fritzbox routers from Cisco you get a router with many new features and technologies that make it one of the most advanced routers on the market today.


These routers have a lot of new features but the main reason why they are so advanced is because they are designed to be used in multiple environments. They can be used as a wireless access point or even an access network or repeater. These routers work well when used with Cisco’s latest network infrastructure that is known as IP-based network technologies. This network infrastructure makes the technology available to the public. You can find the latest technology for your Cisco networking needs by looking at Cisco’s websites.

You will also find a router that will meet all of your networking needs in a cost effective way. With the new Fritzbox router you can get unlimited bandwidth, IP addresses, a wireless bridge and other features. There are some people who might need a different configuration when using this kind of router. It is important to look over the router manual to see if there are any new protocols that need to be installed in order to get the best performance out of the device. This can take a little bit of time to find the protocol that is right for your router.

The Fritzbox router comes with a high level of security and protection. It is not going to protect you against someone just walking in with a screwdriver but it can protect against someone with physical access to the device. It will stop them from getting to the router and can also prevent them from getting to the internal parts. This router has a firewall that can block incoming traffic that could potentially be harmful.

If you have a business or a home network and want a new router but cannot spend hours searching the web for tutorials then you need to check out the new Cisco routers that are now available. These are easy to use devices that do not take up a lot of space but they have enough power to do what you need it to do. The best thing about this new technology is the price that it is priced at.

You can get your router for less than $100 and you will be able to get a router that is compatible with many other devices. You can also find routers that can be used as a repeater and that is going to allow you to use a router that is designed for wireless networks that are used by one company.


You can open the user interface of your FritzBox from a computer, smartphone or tablet via the fritz box homepage. From there you can configure the FritzBox functions for the product, access and connection in the user interface.

To open the user interface, you neither have to set up the FritzBox nor have Internet access. You can always use the emergency ID to access the FritzBox. You cannot access the user interface through guest access, but you can log in as an administrator. Also, be sure to encode the correct address, as a mistake in the address can lead to unnecessary pages. For example, the browser can search the web instead of opening the user interface.

Requirements and restrictions for guest access

Guest access is a private hotspot from fritz box wireless with individual security settings. If you enable guest access, you don’t need to give your security details to anyone because the guest devices are isolated from your network. You can also let your guests know the terms of use before granting them internet access and make sure that the following requirements are met.

  • Always make sure that you activate the wireless internet access of the FritzBox
  • Guest network devices are configured to obtain IP settings automatically through DHCP
  • You cannot set up guest access in the “Existing connection via WLAN” mode.
  • If your FritzBox is using an existing connection from another router, you cannot have guest access
  • Some functions such as IPTV playback and other FritzBox functions are not possible when using the guest access
  • The settings of the FritzBox establish the internet connection

Configure guest access

  1. Select WLAN in the FritzBox user interface
  2. In the WLAN, tap on Guest Access.
  3. Activate guest access
  4. For the wireless guest access name (SSID), enter the name you want your visitors to see when they search for available networks
  5. Enter a password of 8 to 63 characters on the network. Vary numbers, letters and other characters in upper and lower case. However, if you want to offer your guest internet access without a password:
    • Activate the public WiFi hotspot
    • For the Name SSID, enter the name your guests see when they search for wireless networks
    • When finished, click “Apply” to save these settings


These new technology is helping to keep the cost of a router down while increasing the number of features available to the end user. There are new features added every day. You can find routers that offer more advanced routing technology that works with many different types of networks.

The Fritzbox router is designed to allow you to use the latest technology while at the same time keeping the costs down. You can get the router for less than you would pay for a new router. You can find the latest technology from one of the best companies in the market by checking out the new routers from Cisco. The new routers that are available now are the best technology for a great deal.

You do not want to use your traditional router to connect to a wireless network because you do not want your wireless router to become a wireless hotspot and that can cost you a lot of money. With the Fritzbox router you do not have to worry about that. The Fritzbox router allows you to connect to a wireless network without using a modem or a router and you do not have to worry about that because it is completely separate from the wireless network.


The router that comes with the Fritzbox router is completely separated from the wireless network and therefore you will never have to worry about losing your connection because it is completely separate from the network. you are connected to and because it allows you to have a wireless connection in your home that is secure and private to you. You do not have to worry about losing your home network because it because of the wireless router. You can easily connect to the internet through this new technology.

The new technology does not mean that your cable will not work anymore but it will just allow you to make the wireless network that is much easier to connect to. you can even move your home to another location so that you can have better access to the internet. You can get access to the internet at any place in your home without having to use the cable that you have at that location

Modem and router are two different computer peripherals. They may look the same, but they actually function differently. And this is what the video below will talk about. It will tackle the main purpose of each device and how they work to give us an access to the internet.

So, check this video out to know what is the difference between a modem and a router.

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Basically, the main purpose of these peripherals is to allow an internet connection. However, the modem can provide a connection limited to one device. While the router can provide an internet access to multiple devices including laptops, iPads/tablets and mobile phones. Most of the router nowadays are wireless, so your device does not need any wire or cable to be physically connected to it.

Some Reminder

There are different types of modems as well as routers. Before you buy one, you need to consider your purpose and where are you going to use it. Because routers that are for large businesses are more expensive than routers for home use or small businesses.

If you have questions and concerns, please drop them down in the comment section below. We will try to assist you once we read your comments. You can also leave us any suggestion or topic you want us to post here.


Good movies are hard to come by especially when it is for free. The best movie releases to date cost some money. And you will have to wait for months before your favorite one comes out and be available to watch. But that could change with Showbox APK.Show box APK

The Showbox app is an Android application that makes it possible for you to watch any movies anytime. That is provided that you have a decent internet connection for streaming or downloading. But if that requirement is not an issue, then you can enjoy binge-watching on your smartphone all you want.

What is Showbox?

Showbox is a streaming app for the Android operating system. It delivers tons of movies and TV shows available on the internet. If you are the type who loves watching movies and TV series, your Android smartphone should have Showbox APK installed. Otherwise, you are missing out on a lot of things.

Update: Showbox isn’t legal, so guys you should download mobdro instead. Mobdro is a great showbox alternative, you can download mobdro from here.

Install Showbox APK

Installing the Showbox app is simple and quick. All you have to do is download the APK file to your local drive. Yes, you read it right. There is no Showbox from the Google Play Store so you will have to sideload it to install it on your Android system.

Here is how you do it. Just follow the instruction carefully.

  1. First, make sure that your Android device is set to install Unknown Sources. If not, go to the Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and activate or enable it.
  2. Now download the Showbox APK on your internal memory or local drive.
  3. Once the download finishes, click on the APK file and follow the prompt for installation.
  4. When the installation finishes, you may now open the app and enjoy free video streaming.Show Box UI


The Showbox is not a perfect app. Sometimes when you use it you might encounter some bugs and disconnections. But that rarely happens. This is due to server issues I think.

Another issue worth mentioning is that some users cannot directly stream the video on their device. This restriction is due to an issue about location. There are countries that Showbox is not allowed to operate properly. If that is the case, your remedy is to install a VPN app. You can try Psiphon, TunnelBear, or anything you have in mind that can provide good VPN service. This will tell the Showbox server that you are in one of the countries that are supported.


If we consider how much convenience the Showbox can deliver to us, those bugs are a small price to pay compared to buying those movies and TV shows using real hard earned money. I’m not saying that no one should pay for those movies. That is hardly my point.

The point is that we deserve some free services once in a while. And with regards to what you can for when watching these movies, that will depend on your own discretion.

Pay for your favorite movies and watch them in cinemas. That way we can support more quality movies to come out in the future. Use this app on your own accord. But try not to abuse it.

Do you like what the Showbox is offering to its users? How is your experience with the app? Feel free to tell us your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.